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Lumenis is a global leader in the field of minimally-invasive clinical solutions for the Surgical, Ophthalmology and Aesthetic markets, Lumenis currently have the following products in their range. Other products may be available.

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Lumenis system which is a safe, simple and cost-effective CO2 laser that delivers outstanding results. Ideal for Acne scar treatment, Blepharoplasty, ablative skin resurfacing and scar revision.

AcuPulse 30/40 ST CO2

Lumenis system which is available with or without SurgiTouch in 30 or 40 Watt models.

AcuPulse 40WG CO2

Lumenis system which offers you the ability to extend Lumenis CO2 precision to areas which are hard to reach, even through flexible endoscopes, while delivering superior beam quality for smarter tissue management.

AcuPulse DUO

Lumenis system which offers a full range of fiber and free beam accessories for ENT, GYN, Otology, and general surgery.

Aura PT

Lumenis system which is consider the preferred YAG Photodisruptor laser system.


Lumenis system which is a fully integrated, advanced laser delivery technology and slit lamp biomicroscope.

LightSheer DESIRE

Lumenis system for permanent hair reduction.

LightSheer DUET

Lumenis system to treat backs and legs comfortably in only 15 minutes, making hair removal profitable without anesthetics and gels.


Lumenis system for hair removal for all skin types and ethnicity.

LightSheer ET

Lumenis system which is recognized as the Gold Standard for laser hair removal.

Lumenis Pulse 120H

Lumenis system which takes a leap forward with Holmium technology, providing more energy, features and capabilities than any other holmium system on the market.


Lumenis system which is our newest line of premium ophthalmic endo-photocoagulation laser probes was designed with the retina specialist in mind.


Lumenis system which is a modular multi-application platform for the treatment of over 30 skin conditions and hair removal. Ideal for Acne scar treatment, hair removal, non-ablative skin resurfacing, Photorejuvenation, pigmentation treatment, scar revision, vascular / leg vein treatment and dark tattoo removal.

Novus Spectra

Lumenis system which is an innovative photocoagulator with an extensive set of features that deliver power and reliability with proprietary advancements in diode-pumped solid-state technology.

Selecta Duet

Lumenis system which is the most advanced anteriorsegment laser, combining the advantages of YAG photodisruption capabilities along with the innovative Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT) technology.

Selecta Trio

Lumenis system which is the next generation of multi-modality products, offering retinal, cataract and advanced glaucoma therapies in a single platform.

Selecta II Glaucoma Laser System

Lumenis system which offers you all the advantages of a premium SLT product together with true portability and maximum space utilization

UltraPulse CO2

Lumenis system with advanced scar management capabilities, full 60W power, and customizable solutions depending on patient need, the UltraPulse is the ultimate in free beam precision and versatility.

UltraPulse Laser

Lumenis system with six times the power of most CO2 lasers, the UltaPulse® system is the laser for advanced applications. Ideal for Acne scar treatment, Blepharoplasty, ablative skin resurfacing and scar revision.

VersaPulse PowerSuite 100W

Lumenis system which is the most powerful holmium laser available, making it suitable for high power applications such as the treatment of BPH, performing HoLEP or HoLAP procedures.

VersaPulse 80/100W

Lumenis system which can be used to treat urologic conditions such as BPH, stones, tumors or strictures and is also cleared for a range of applications in other surgical fields including pulmonology, gastroenterology, orthopedics and more.

VersaPulse 60W

Lumenis system which is a versatile mid-power laser, capable of handling a wide range of applications requiring precise cutting and controlled ablation.

VersaPulse P20

Lumenis system which is a compact and versatile holmium laser that delivers the proven performance of the VersaPulse family of holmium lasers.


Lumenis system which is a ideal complementary tool for Holmium laser enucleation of the prostate (HoLEP).

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