5 Treatment Trends Of 2020 So Far

In this article, we’re going to be looking at the cosmetic procedures that have been especially popular this year. Please note this list is based on general interest and purchased treatments at the earlier part of this year, due to the restrictions brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ‘Natural Look’

OK, so, when talking about cosmetic tweaks, using the word ‘natural’ may seem like a contradiction. In this context though, we are referring to the trend of having cosmetic tweaks to enhance rather than alter the body. Essentially, an increased number of people are going for more subtle procedures that still emphasise a more natural look.

For example, when thinking about skin rejuvenation, lasers may be selected as opposed to injections such as Botox. It is said that the lasers do a better job at keeping the skin in good condition and have other positive effects such as providing a boost in collagen and brightening the skin. Lasers can also tackle red veins or inflamed skin, and the procedure doesn’t require the recovery time of the alternatives.

Overall, lasers are regarded as a less obvious option that will help the skin maintain a more balanced and healthy look, hence the choice for those after that ‘natural look’.

Combination Treatments

Although a combination treatment (the practice of having multiple treatments in one go) is not a new concept, this year has seen its popularity grow. One reason for customers choosing this method is perhaps the convenience of being able to have multiple body tweaks at once. As a result, they feel like they have achieved more in a shorter space of time.

Bottom Reshaping

Generally, the trend of those seeking to tweak their bottom has seen a move from wanting to achieve a plumper rear to having their buttocks reshaped to emulate the ‘Brazilian Butt Lift’ craze. To follow this look, women have their buttocks reduced and sculpted in a way that they believe looks ‘more athletic and feminine’. The trend has been popular in the USA and may move across the pond soon.

A Continued Increase In Using Devices

Technology continues to advance and so do the devices that can be used for various cosmetic procedures.

A new device that recently entered the market works by using combination technology that utilises radiofrequency, vacuum, soft laser and LED to do its thing. It involves four technologies being administered via a single applicator and it can treat users from their heads down to their toes. We can definitely expect these kinds of devices to become even more common over the coming years as technology allows people to complete more and more procedures from the comfort of their own homes.

Rise of the Super Spas

One final shift we have seen this year is more people adding a little cosmetic modification time onto the end of their spa sessions.

Spas have increasingly been adding aesthetic options to their menus and many clients have taken advantage of being able to have some cosmetic tweaks done once their pampering session is over.

2020 is not quite over yet, so we may still see a new trend in the world of cosmetics take its hold before the year is out, but we also expect the trends listed here to continue in popularity well into 2021!