Celebs with Plastic Surgery: Aging Gracefully?

It’s no secret that Hollywood and plastic surgery go hand-in-hand. Although having cosmetic surgery was once a taboo, many celebrities in recent years have opened up to speak about their experiences – not all of them great.

Amanda Lepore and Julia Roberts

Socialite Amanda Lepore is probably one of the most well-known cosmetic surgery enthusiasts, regularly making it on other lists about botched plastic surgery. She is known for her signature pout, come about from several lip procedures. She has also had several face lifts, and regularly receives Botox injections to keep her face wrinkle-free. But this has come at a price. Amanda Lepore’s facial movement leave a lot to be desired, and her skin is so taut in some places it looks as though it might split in two.

Compare this with fellow 53-year-old, Julia Roberts. Roberts has never reported having surgery and looks ten years younger than many of her peers. Julia Roberts believes in living a healthy lifestyle and looking after yourself in more natural ways. She isn’t afraid to age and is doing so gracefully and on her own terms. And we think she looks stunning!

Carrot Top and Robert Downey Jr.

Everyone’s favourite redheaded comedian used to be well known for one thing – his hair. These days however, he seems to be more famous for his obsession with cosmetic surgery. The 56-year-old has had multiple procedures, including eyebrow lifts, Botox, lip plumping and laser peels. He is also a lot (lot) buffer than he ever used to be – with some fans speculating about his use of steroids.

RDJ, on the other hand, has aged into his 56th year like a fine wine, allowing crinkles and creases to frame his face, and settling into the salt and pepper hairdo just fine. Unlike Carrot Top, EDJ has never had plastic surgery and, again unlike Carrot Top, could easily still pass for a man in his 40s.

Sharon Osbourne and Frances Conroy

Sharon Osbourne is a beloved British celebrity, and a household name. But many people probably wouldn’t recognise her without all the work she’d had done. Never one to shy away, Osbourne has proudly declared that she has had everything done, including facial work, a leg lift, and breast implants.

On the other hand, Frances Conroy (best known for her roles in American Horror Story) is the same age and at 68 looks absolutely incredible. She has let her wrinkles take over, revealing the laughter lines of someone who likes to have fun. Not a fan of huge amounts of make up either, Conroy has aged gracefully and shows off her natural beauty – wrinkles and all.

Barry Manilow and Ben Kingsley

Barry Manilow is known for his smooth voice, and now his smooth face. Three facelifts, eyelid surgery and multiple Botox injections have left his face looking a little worse for wear. At 77, he has taken to plastic surgery to avoid looking his years. Though his trademark blue eyes still twinkle, the smile doesn’t quite match anymore – several surgeries making it harder for the muscles in his face to work.

But Ben Kingsley, British actor most famous for his portrayal of Gandhi in 1983, doesn’t look a day older than he did then. At the same age, Kingsley has smile lines and crows’ feet but doesn’t let it bother him. And it’s hard to believe that he and Manilow are the same age – Kingsley’s natural aging has left him, ironically, looking far younger than his American counterpart.