Consequences of invasive cosmetic procedures

Cosmetic surgery is one of the sixteenth century’s greatest achievements according to some people and as time has gone on its popularity has skyrocketed, with innovations in this industry happening at an exponential rate.

With the choice between invasive and non-invasive it is important to weigh up the options of both and you need to know if certain procedures can only be conducted through the means of invasive surgery. This article will give you the information on consequences of invasive so you can make a decision on if this type of surgery is for you or if an alternative may suit you better.

Invasive Surgery is defined as a procedure where deliberate and purposeful incisions are made to gain access to the body, this also includes surgeries where an implement is used to gain better access through a natural orifice.

Some examples of invasive surgeries are:

  • A face lift or a Rhytidectomy is a procedure which aims to make the face look younger in appearance and reduces sagging in the face due to age. This procedure is conducted by facial soft tissues being lifted and excess skin being removed, the skin is then draped back over newly repositioned contours. To enable this procedure to be done incisions are made at the hairline of the patient and then around the front of the ears and ending behind the ears in the lower scalp.
  • A breast augmentation of Mammoplasty is a procedure which aims to increase the overall size of the breast or to enhance the volume or shape. This procedure is conducted by making an incision at the underside of the breast or under the arm, an implant is then placed into the opening.
  • A brow or forehead lift is a procedure where an incision is made along the hairline or eyelids, excess skin is then removed and then the remaining skin is pulled down, the brow is then stitched in the new position. This surgery aims to remove fat within the area and to tighten the muscles giving a less wrinkled and youthful appearance.

The consequences of invasive surgeries are:

  • Some individuals may get addicted to having surgeries done and in extreme case scenarios may lead to developing body dysmorphic disorder or BDD as they continuously criticise their appearance and look for ways to ‘fix’ it  usually through the use of continuous surgeries.
  • Physical pain is usually present after a surgery with side effects such as nausea, vomiting and prolonged pain in the affected area being extremely prevalent in patients who have undergone invasive procedures.
  • Other consequences include possible hair loss, blood loss, nerve damage and scarring.

Cosmetic surgery has many beneficial effects for a person struggling with their appearance but it is important to weigh up the pros and cons before agreeing to a life altering surgery and seeing if an alternative might better benefit you or someone you know in the long term. Non-invasive surgeries and procedures carry less downsides overall but sometimes a surgery cannot be conducted through non invasive means so invasive may be what best suits you.