Everyday habits to help look your best

Is the secret to looking great all held in a jar of your favourite product? Probably not. That is not to say there are no products that can be helpful-clearly there are. However, it is not all about a product-there are some everyday tips that you can practice to help keep you looking your best–here are 5 of them!


The golden rule and the answer to so much, but sleep just can not be underrated when it comes to looking your best. Your skin requires enough sleep, but crucially sleep that is of good quality.  Sleep-deprived folks can expect to have blood-shot eyes, dark under-eye circles, an increased amount of wrinkles as well as droopier eyelids when compare to well-rested people.


You probably know that exercise is good for you. But it makes a difference in how someone looks and that aspect is often overlooked. To put it in perspective, a study at McMaster University in Ontario found that people aged over 40 who regularly exercised had the skin of people half their age!

Keep Hydrated

Yes, keeping yourself hydrated has a great beneficial impact on your body. But how do you know if your “skin is thirsty”? You can do this trick: pinch the back of your hand or lower arm area. If you notice the skin doesn’t snap back quickly you require more hydration.

Drinking water is of course an effective way to stay hydrated, but it is not the only way. Eating vegetables and fruits is another good option as they are all made up largely of water and so are just as effective.

Stress Less

This one is a case of “easier said than done” for sure. We all know that life can be very stressful. But, if you can do what you can to stay calm in your everyday life, as often as you can, it will have a positive effect on the look of your body.

You see when you become stressed the cortisol level increased which affects the collagen and causes dry skin as well as wrinkles. Something that you can do to try and help keep that stress level down is a calming practice such as meditation. Or you could try a massage. Taking part in a good work out even helps to beat stress. And it does all tie back to the number one point on our list: sleep. If you are better rested you’ll likely find that you can handle stress better.

Exfoliate Regularly

So skin cells are constantly turning over, however as your age increases, and also dependent on your environment, help is needed for them to fully slough off. How to do this? Try giving your skin some assistance by exfoliating once or twice a week. There are manufactured products geared towards this but you could also try a homemade option, such as this recipe. Take salt, sugar and enough honey and coconut oil for a paste to be formed. This can be made thicker and coarser if your skin is oily.

So there we have a few pointers to help you keep yourself looking great for longer! With that little bit of extra care each day, these little tips worked into an everyday routine really can make a great difference. It’ll be worth it for the great results!