Five beauty trends expected for 2021

As always, we can never say for sure what a new year will bring, especially one that follows 2020! But experts do have their ideas on what the key beauty trends for 2021 are likely to be, based on current buying habits and looking at past and present, as well as potential future events, that could hold influence. Let’s take a look at the top 5.

Health signalling

There is a belief that in the new year, hopefully, post-pandemic, we will be wanting to send some kind of signal to others around us that we are in good health. It is thought that makeup and skincare products will grow as a result, where people are looking to find products that will make them shine with illuminated skin and boosted complexion. Sounds like the healthy glow approach will definitely be in!

New-gen hygiene

Of course, more then ever we have been hearing about the importance of good hygiene, and this emphasis is expected to continue into 2021. With this added importance of good hygiene being stressed it is believed we may turn to a greater amount of luxurious products in terms of our hand washes and sanitisers. We would naturally still be wanting options that are gentle on the skin and full of natural, attractive ingredients, and likely less of anything with a “clinical” smell, having has so much of it in 2020!

Clean beauty

Again, as a reaction to the pandemic, it seems likely that we will favour products that are made with natural ingredients but can be backed up by scientific evidence that says that they will work.

Blue science

This is a very interesting one. 2021 will likely see a strong focus on oceans and the natural ingredients contained within them, such as algae. Algae is great at protecting our skin from blue light radiation and because it lives on the top of the sea, it is one of the most exposed living things on earth meaning it has UV protection built-in at a very high rate!

Beauty emotions & moods

It is not going to be all about products that make us look good but also ones that help us to feel good. This could well see an increased amount of spending on products that have the potential to benefit our mental health. And also, with regards to products that are traditionally thought of as something that is primarily to change the way we look, it is thought we will consider how they make us feel a lot more, too.

The beauty trends that we are to see in 2021 are almost certainly going to be heavily influenced by the pandemic. Other trends spring from what we started to see in 2020 but will take on a new level. And of course, there is always the chance of some unexpected trends to develop sometime during the new year!