How Green is Your Beauty Regime?

Many of us nowadays are more conscious of making decisions that will help us to live a greener lifestyle. We are aware that changes need to be made for a more sustainable future. Modifications that can be made by the many brands whose products we use daily, as well as changes that we can make by the products we choose to purchase.  But have you considered how green your beauty regime currently is and the helpful changes you could make for a more sustainable future?

Some positive shifts have already been actioned, but of course, there is a long way to go. In England and Scotland, microbeads have been banned from wash-off products so that reduces the chances of products containing them being sold and used. And in places where they have yet to face the ban, there still are plenty of natural alternatives that can be chosen instead.

But it is not just plastic microbeads that are an example of plastic appearing in a typical beauty regime. Most products, within their packaging especially, contain plastic in some form. Many of these items are single-use only which makes the whole situation worse. But again, there are alternatives-natural alternatives. That is not to say that some of these products containing plastic should never be used again (although it will, of course, be helpful to the environment the less they are) but even if their usage could be massively reduced, and alternatives sought after where possible, a big difference would be made.

The thing with a personal beauty regime is exactly that: it is a very personal thing. A product that works for one person may not work for another as everyone has a unique body. So, there is no one fit all solution, but it is good to research the possible alternatives to your less-than-friendly beauty products and see where you could make changes.

Examples of changes that you could make include the use of reusable cloths or cotton rounds which can be used to replace cotton pads. Instead of face wipes, you can purchase a bar of face wash that contains minimal, even no, packaging. And you might not have come across it, but you can even purchase package free bar shampoo. Or some brands have started offering refills so that you only ever have one plastic bottle in use. At the moment there are not a huge amount of retailers offering options such as this, but if you are lucky enough to live somewhere in which they do, it is worth taking advantage of.

If you have a think and honestly decide, yes you do have too many plastic bearing products in your beauty regime, don’t bin them all now, that will be highly counterproductive! But think about what you purchase going forward, and how you can support the environment. Try the alternatives and see what works well for you. Consider shopping locally too, where possible, as that will always be beneficial. And don’t forget, buying natural products will often have a better result for your body too, with less harmful chemicals, so it really is a win-win situation!