How lasers can be used as an effective hair removal tool

Non-invasive surgery is on the rise and laser treatments are leading the way in this form of cosmetic surgery. Laser treatments have a plethora of benefits and can be used in a variety of ways from skin related treatments to hair removal, in this article I will be detailing how lasers work and how it can be applied to hair removal. It will also aim to inform you if you are considering this form of treatment by detailing the benefits.

Lasers work to remove unwanted hairs by emitting a powerful concentrated light which is absorbed by the melanin in your hair follicles. This light is converted into heat which proactively damages the hair follicles which in turn either greatly delays future hair growth or stops any hair growth in the area depending on the strength of treatment. Lasers are used in this form of cosmetic surgery due to its effectiveness and its lack of repercussions, it is called in the industry non-invasive because it causes no physical scarring to the skin, and in fact is used in treatments to reduce scarring.

Some of the benefits of this treatment are:

  • This type of procedure is very precise meaning that it just targets the hairs rather than the surrounding skin, leaving the outer skin completely untouched. The lasers are calibrated to only target the dark coarse hairs making it a safe and tested form of treatment.
  • This form of treatment also is extremely time effective meaning that each pulse of the laser takes less than a second and can deal with multiple hairs at a time, so if you are on a time budget then this form of treatment may be beneficial to you.
  • Compared to the alternative which was spending hours tweezing out the hairs, laser based treatments instead work to remove unwanted hairs at the source making it less painful and quicker than the alternative.
  • Laser based treatments can also be an effective solution to ingrown hairs as when the concentrated light destroys the follicles it also removes the hair as well as reducing bumps left from the hair. This form of treatment also removes any discolouration produced from the hair and helps to alleviate the affected skin.
  • Whereas tweezers and other forms of hair removal can cause large amounts of discomfort and pain to the affected area, laser treatments cause minimal discomfort and stress to the area in which the procedure is taking place.

Laser treatments may be desirable to you if you need hair to be removed and for it to not come back, especially if you are strapped for time as the procedures are extremely quick compared to other solutions on the market. With its painlessness this form of treatment is certainly an improvement to tweezing and using an epilator, although it may be more convenient it is an investment as these procedures can be on the more expensive side.

It is always important to ensure you have done the appropriate research to see if this form of treatment is for you because in most cases it is an investment and alot of cosmetic procedures are permanent.