How to prevent common skin issues


Acne is the most common type of skin problem there is, and it’s not just for teenagers. Many adults report acne in their 20s, 30s and some in their 40s. Although it’s not a harmful issue, it can cause anxiety, self-confidence issues, and if left untreated can cause permanent scarring.

Acne refers to not only spots and pimples but also white and black heads, cysts, and nodules. And it’s not just reserved for your face either. Back and chest acne is a problem a lot of people have. Many people opt for creams and medicines to help reduce their acne, but there are some things you can do easily at home too.

Keep your face clean

Regardless of whether you have acne or not, you should be washing your face at least twice a day. The skin on our face is some of the most exposed skin on our body and collects so much throughout a normal day. It collects dirt and bacteria, oil build-up, and dead skin cells, amongst others.

Washing your face once in the morning and once at night with warm water and a non-fragranced mild cleanser will help you to get rid of all the nasty build-up you’ve accumulated through the day (and during the night!)

Moisturise regularly

Again, moisturising daily is something everyone should do, but if you have acne then it’s even more important to do so. Tips for finding a good moisturiser include looking for the phrase “non-comedogenic”. This means it won’t cause further spots or acne.

You should also figure out what type of skin you have and buy a moisturiser designed specifically for your skin type. There’s oily, dry, and combination – find the one that works for your skin and use it at least once a day!

Avoid wearing make up

You might shudder at the thought of going bare-faced because you feel self-conscious about your acne. But if you knew that wearing layers of foundations, concealers, and other products do more harm than good, you might think twice.

During an acne breakout, avoid wearing anything that could clog your pores further – this means most make up. If you do decide to wear make up, do so very sparingly and make sure to wash it off thoroughly at the end of the day.

Be wary of the sun

We all love to feel the warmth of the sun on our faces and there’s nothing better than catching a few rays. But the sun’s powerful UV light can cause all sorts of untold damage to skin. We know we should be careful anyway, but if you’re prone to acne, the sun will do even more damage.

It can increase inflammation and discoloration, so if you’ve already got some puffy redness on your face, an afternoon out in the sun will make it look far worse. Limit your time in the sun, avoid going out between 11am and 3pm, and make sure you invest in a good quality, high-SPF sunscreen.

Start doing these things and you’ll notice an improvement in your acne after a little while – remember if you take good care of your skin, it will take good care of you.