Most Popular Non-invasive Cosmetic Procedures 2021

After what has been a challenging 18 months, the world is finally starting to return to normal. This means that non-emergency surgeries and procedures are returning, and this includes the cosmetic surgery business.

With cosmetic surgery being more affordable and safer than ever, more people are opting to have non-invasive surgeries. What this means is procedures which don’t require going under general anaesthetic or a long recovery process. In fact, most people who have had these kinds of treatments will be in and out in one day.

So, what are the latest trends in non-invasive cosmetic surgery? What should you be on the look out for in 2021?


With mask wearing becoming more commonplace, many people are thinking about drawing more focus to their eyes – as it’s the only part visible. Many cosmetic surgeons are predicting people going for wider eyes and lightening treatment on the skin around the eyes. People want their dark bags gone, and they want to really make the most of the only part of their face currently on show.

The other thing making people choose this type of non-invasive procedure is that it’s a once or twice a year thing. So, people are able to have the same look of wearing concealer, without actually having to put the make up on. This can only be a good thing because make up gets all over the face masks, meaning you are constantly washing them!


This being said, the eyes are not the only ones who have it. Although our lips are often covered these days, people are still looking at procedures to enhance their lips. Lip filler is still very popular and shows no sign of falling out of favour. With huge celebs like Kylie Jenner sporting that trademark pout, more and more people are willing to pay for fillers to get that sultry look.


Botox has been popular for a great number of years now, and it’s not going anywhere. The particular Botox trend in 2021 is masseter Botox. The masseter muscle is one of the muscles involved in chewing and Botox is being used to help combat the tension that teeth-grinding causes. After a year of teeth-grinding and jaw-clenching, we’re not surprised to see this make the list.

People who grind their teeth can expect to see some tension relief in as little a week or two. This means this procedure is likely to be incredibly popular – it’s quick, safe, and the results are very fast.


Unlike its cousin liposuction, liposculpting involves less invasion and faster healing. It doesn’t suck the fat from your body, instead it combines fat-melting and skin-tightening technology to create the body you want. Surgeons believe the reason behind this is that more and more people have had the time over the last year to start taking care of themselves again.

While not working, or stuck at home, people have focused more energy on themselves and the things that make them happy. More people are exercising, taking the time to prepare healthy meals, and looking after themselves more. Now they’re finally ready to feel good about themselves, and this non-invasive surgery is the perfect opportunity to get that shape you want, without a huge procedure or recovery time.

With 2020 finally behind us, now is your chance to make some time for yourself and give yourself a little treat. It’s been a hard year – you deserve it!