Permanent Make Up

You’ve probably already heard of microblading, which is a fancier term for eyebrow tattoos. But this is just the start of the permanent make up explosion which is taking place.

It’s no surprise that this is a trend that’s taking off. Imagine being able to wake up already ready for the day ahead. That means half an hour extra in bed, or an extra cup of coffee. It’s not just microblading that can be offered – everything from permanent eyeliner, freckles, lip liner – the list goes on. If this sounds like your cup of tea, read on to find out what’s on offer.


Let’s start with the treatment that kicked it all off – microblading. This treatment replicates individual hair, making for an incredibly natural looking finish. A lot of people worry about it looking very obvious and ending up with dark slugs above their eyes. But fear not, the technique used is a super fine tattoo pen which deposits the colour pigment directly into the skin.

Every artist has a slightly different technique, so make sure to find one who’s style you like. But remember that they will use an ink colour as close to your natural brows as possible – to make it look like you’re not wearing anything!


Lip blushing or tinting is the perfect treatment for you if you like a little colour on your lips but can’t deal with the constant reapplication or the smudges on any glass you drink from. Permanent lip blushing is exactly what it says – just a hint of colour across the entire lip.

Most experts who offer this treatment do so by working with the natural colour of your lip and darkening it ever so slightly. According to the experts, the ideal look is a lip that looks like it’s been a little bit bitten.


Permanent eyeliner sits either on or just above your lash line, giving the appearance of fuller lashes – the same way traditional eyeliner works. If you want a more subtle look, experts recommend going for a tattoo on the lash line which will give your lashes a fuller, more voluminous lashes. Having the tattoo just above the lashes will give the look of eyeliner – so think about what kind of look you’re after.


For those of us who aren’t blessed with that freckly sun-kissed look, there are artists who can replicate this look in the same way that they can replicate the look of longer lashes, or natural looking eyebrows. This works by tattoo artists using a stick and poke method which is exactly what it sounds like. The artist will use a tiny needle to drop spots of colour directly into the skin.

Like the other treatments, the tattoo artist will work with your natural skin colour and choose a colour that will look natural. There is some controversy around this treatment, as many people argue that the freckles fade differently which can lead to uneven looking freckles. However, the counter argument to this is that freckles are uneven and definitely not uniform.

Remember that whatever you decide, make sure to consult with an expert so you get the results you want. All of these procedures do carry some risk but compared to many other cosmetic procedures it’s incredibly safe. It’s also worth noting that because these are essentially tattoos, they will hurt. And they might hurt more because they’re on your face which is a super sensitive part of your body.

That being said, if you can withstand the pain, this is a great option for those people who would rather an extra ten minutes in bed than spending that time on their make up.