Resourceful beauty

There has been a surge in recent years with people trying to create “beauty perfection” for themselves. This is in regards to any part of the body, from hair treatments, eyelash extensions to eyebrow threading. Some people dig deep in their pockets in the hope that they get the best treatments that they can for the best results, and others, even if not paying huge sums of money, still look towards regular treatments to try and maintain what they believe will result in their ‘ best-looking self.”

But when we are living in times where beauty salons keep being put at the risk of closure due to the impact of COVID-19, these treatments can not be relied upon, so what happens for the people who were once relying on them? Customers seem to be finding some interesting alternative solutions.

Low maintenance beauty

One way people have gone, for example during the lockdown, to require less maintenance on themselves is to go down the low maintenance path. An example would be a person who chooses to shave their head completely, or on the opposite scale, just letting their hair grow long. You could also through in hair-related examples such as letting the greys come through, embracing a more natural look, which requires much less maintenance.

Getting experimental

Then you can go from the above to the polar opposite, where instead of people seeking to do the bare minimum they are going to town with ideas! It is what is known as experimental beauty and in effect sees a person using themselves as a canvas for ideas. Some folks have really got into this as a hobby, that perhaps in some form has even helped them to get through the lockdown periods. It can keep them busy and it is something which exercises creative juices.

Examples of experimental beauty include trying out a new hair colour, something that can bring a real lift to a person, and might help with the isolation they may have been experiencing. With people not going out as much they have been more prone to “getting bold” and trying styles that they might not of otherwise dreamed of, knowing that they don’t have to debut it to the outside world!

DIY beauty

One thing the lockdown has shown is how resourceful people can be, and this includes a health and beauty perspective. A person may know exactly what look they want, and they are prepared to try and recreate it from home. One thing we have on our side in this modern era is the ability to use beauty guides, found in abundance on platforms such as YouTube, to find looks to recreate, and tutorials to follow to achieve the method.

Not everyone may have the tools and products that the saloons have access too. Some will have in their household an accurate equivalent, others may have to make deal with the best of what they have got. This can include using items that the average household would have hanging around anyway, such as tweezers for eyebrow work, self-application lashes, homemade hair colourings and other home remedies.

Perhaps some people, having learned how to be resourceful (if they had not already!) will enjoy using these skills to maintain their health and beauty regime in the future, saving money in the process. Having said that, we are sure plenty are looking forward to using the services of a saloon, too!