Seven important considerations for laser hair removal

If you are considering laser hair removal it is important to have weighed up all of the pros and cons, helping decide if it is in fact for you. In this article, we will examine some key points to consider.

For the best results, preparation is key

The laser used in the process can react with hair on the surface of the skin which could result in irritation. For the best results make sure the area that is to be targeted has been cleanly shaved, 24 hrs before. We don’t recommend electric trimmers as they tend to leave the hair too long. Also, avoid using tweezers, or plucking the area-just shave. Also ensure that the area is free from makeup, lotion, suncream and deodorant.

Notes on tanning

The area that you want to have treated can not undergo the laser if it has been exposed to the sun within 4 weeks. Likewise, fake tanning products can’t be used 3-4 weeks before having the treatment.

After treatment leave out the gym & spas

The laser leaves heat in your kin for 24 hours so within that time steer clear of the gym, saunas, hot showers or anything like that. The reason for this is because if you indulge in any of the above you create a warm environment that bacteria could grow on causing spots.

You’ll need to think extra careful about the sun

Although you should speak to your dermatologist, you will likely need to avoid the sun before and after your treatment. Something to consider if you were planning a holiday to a hot country, for instance! And if you already have a tan from a recent holiday, you need to let that fade before starting the laser hair removal process.

You might need to change up your beauty regime

Products such as scrubs, glycolic acid and retinol creams need to be avoided 2 days before and after treatment. The recommendation is that you take 2 weeks before and after the laser treatment where you avoid chemical peels of any kind.

You may need top ups

In general, a huge reduction in permanent hair growth is noted by those that use laser removal, however, hair can grow back due to fluctuating hormones. You may find you need to have some top-up treatment sessions, for example, a couple of times a year.

You need patience

It will take 2 or 3 weeks after your treatment before you begin to see a difference so don’t judge the situation too soon. You must stay regular with your initial appointments because the hair follicles will all be at different stages of growth so each one will need to be zapped.

So there we have it, a few important considerations if you are thinking about giving hair laser removal a try. It clearly can have its benefits, just make sure you fully understand all you can about the process before deciding if it is right for you.