The Benefits of Vitamin D

Often referred to as the “sunshine vitamin” due to the fact it occurs within the skin in response to light from the sun, vitamin D can also be obtained from certain types of food or supplement capsules. It’s especially important to ensure you are getting enough vitamin D in the winter, especially if you live in a country with short, dark days. 

Vitamin D has a number of beneficial properties, such as boosting the immune system and helping with resistance against disease. Scientific studies suggest that, amongst other benefits, vitamin D can decrease the likelihood of developing the flu, multiple sclerosis, and heart disease. A vitamin D deficiency can lead to problems with your bones and the risk of osteoporosis or other abnormalities.

Another surprising benefit of vitamin D which you may not be aware of is its potential to regulate mood and fend off depression and anxiety. Studies have indicated that patients suffering the symptoms of a depressed mood saw an improvement when given vitamin D supplements.

Looking to lose weight? Scientists have found that combining vitamin D with calcium supplements lead to a suppression of the appetite, with one study demonstrating that subjects using vitamin D and calcium supplements were able to reduce weight more than subjects on a placebo.

It’s possible you may not be getting sufficient vitamin D and yet might be unaware of this. Some of the risk factors to watch out for include spending a lot of time indoors, living in a big city where tall buildings obstruct sunlight, and living somewhere with high pollution levels. As well as vitamin D supplements, vitamin D can also be found in salmon, prawns, eggs, sardines, and fresh orange juice.